We are proactive on prevention and help organizations reduce the threat of projected disease outcomes. Ultimately, wellness programming supports the resilience and agility of your most important asset, your people.

Guided by your wellness philosophy, we utilize proven tools to evaluate the temperature of your organization, define your goals and build customized solutions that will enable you to sustain a healthier environment for your employees every day.

For many employers wellness program is healthy eating and mental health promotions or community giving and smoking cessation programs. Not everyone believes wellness is the same thing. It is not just a list of things a company can do, because if it were, every company would be doing the same things, he said. The varied definition of wellness means balance is key to having a good program. Every organization needs to encourage, communicate, provide strategic direction and expertise and measure the outcomes to succeed in creating wellness in the workplace.


Instead of offering a quick fix to your plan costs, we can improve your overall plan structure for consistent and sustainable savings year after year, and into retirement.

We begin with an analysis that breaks down your claims and identifies the challenges controlling your plan costs. We can show you the trends and patterns your claims produce as well as benchmark these findings against our collective client database. The ability to compare a variety of benefit plans through our alliance gives us a key advantage over other benefits advisor offerings.

Retirement no longer means "simply ending a long career. In the workplace there’s a growing movement to think more holistically about our time — a realization that our productivity, creativity, work time, leisure time, sleep, mental health, physical health and general well-being are all of a piece." (Huffington Post, 2014)

The same principles that allow us to thrive in our daily work lives can also help us thrive in retirement.  Just as a productive workday depends on how we prepare ourselves for it (for example, by getting enough sleep and taking time to recharge ourselves in our off-hours), a productive, meaningful and purposeful retirement depends on what we put into it.  What we invest into it.


Being in need of medical care often leads to a person becoming financially weak. This is why health insurance exists: to help those individuals who plan ahead to keep their financial situation intact in the event of a health issue. The cost of seeing a doctor or being hospitalized is always increasing, leading many to debts that they are not able to afford.

Choosing the right health insurance options that fit your particular needs, as well as your budget, requires the skill and experience of an insurance expert to ensure that you and your loved ones are fully protected. Regardless of your age, present physical health, or any existing health coverage you may already have, HCG offers a full range of affordable health plans and works closely with individuals and families to find the most suitable coverage options.