We've flipped the traditional benefit model on its head.

HCG provides independent workplace wellness consulting services to organizations.  Operating within the Wellness, Benefits and Pension Industries, we work closely with company owners, executive directors, finance and human resources departments to provide targeted Wellness solutions.  We offer expert support in health and wellness to prevent what used to be the inevitable. We know that without a wellness plan, systemic health problems threaten the longevity of every organization.

It's a matter of utilizing your framework differently.  We customize workplace solutions that are wellness based. Getting ahead of claims costs in a proactive and progressive manner, supports the sustainability of the underlying programs.

Our methodology helps to ensure that our clients have there own unique wellness positioning and strategies that will support the overall culture and vision for their organization. The long sought Value on Investment equation is solved through our analytics and reporting tools. For you, this means that you will have the confidence to implement wellness programming that is in keeping with the needs of the employees and your organization.  Often, this can be accomplished without an increase in costs. 

Optimum outcomes that result from this new way of thinking can save your company the huge costs of employee down time and health claim payouts. The solutions are designed to cost the same or less than what you are currently paying. 

What does wellness mean to you?  Yoga at lunch?  Apples in the vending machine?

It's beyond that.  It's about sustainability.

Your employees and your business will flourish with a personalized plan to be well.

HCG has helped our organization accomplish every single one of our wellness goals. They inspire everyone to care for themselves, and the company.


  • Designed first-of-its kind wellness index tool
  • Established a province-wide Benchmark for Wellness Benchmark
  • Created sustainable, measurable results for our clients.
  • Lead numerous community wellness workshop
  • Spearheaded ongoing improvement of wellness standards