Wellness: Evolved

I recently read a couple of articles stating that Workplace Wellness is dead.  Both authors then went on to discuss the new trend, Employee Well-Being, which is a collaborative approach to creating Engaged, Energetic, Enthusiastic and Effective employees that uses components of Workplace Wellness programs in ways that are effective for the specific needs of your employees.

I’m glad that what HCG has been doing for the last 4 years is finally catching on.

Call it what you want, an effective Wellness Program has to be designed for the needs of the group.  Often, we find that management has great ideas, but doesn’t know what programming will work best and how to properly engage employees.  Sometimes, the best way to figure this out is just to ask.

Several industry studies as well as employee surveys conduced for our clients consistently show Wellness resources and programs are increasingly important to employees.  Using this data, we have helped our clients enhance programs that are important to employees while adding new programming that will have the highest levels of engagement and impact.  For clients that conduct employee surveys, we have also shown increased employee satisfaction and regard for the quality of their Wellness Programming.

Whether you have a Wellness Program, or otherwise support Employee Well-Being, a targeted and data informed program will provide the most value for your employees. 

One thing is certain.  If you’re not working to retain your most effective employees, your competitors are working to attract them.

Brian Hansell


Hansell Consulting Group Inc.